If you are looking for a way to turn your celebration into an adventurous event, check out our available rentals! Let us do all the work with set-up and clean-up included! 

For $130.00 we start with a 10'x16x tent and include a carpet and two nightstands. This also includes fun camp décor and a lantern.

From there, you can add any additional backyard décor from the list below:

S'mores station displaywith jars and a banner - $45.00

Eight seating stumps and a fire-pit with one bundle of wood - $40.00

Trail Mix Table (or dessert) - $45.00

Tye-Dye Station - includes a table, one shirt and dye - $13.00 per camper

Twin cot with a sleeping bag and pillow - $35.00 per camper ($16.00 cot only)

Bird House painting - includes a table, one birdhouse and paint - $11.00 per camper

Additional items, tents and decor can be included to meet your needs!  Send us an e-mail with any questions or requests! Travel fee will be included for any backyards 20 miles from our Simi Valley, Ca. location. 

We can turn any celebration into a Campcation!

Call to Inquire Today: (925) 989-7671

The Campcation Creators

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